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What is it?

72 Rare Organic Minerals suspended in purified water. GrowFast originates from unique combination of prehistoric plant and oceanic compounds from over 100 million years ago.

How does it work?

These 72 prehistoric minerals are absorbed through the plants root structure. GrowFast supports the growth, development, health, strength and metabolic function of the plant from veg to harvest. These rare minerals provide the missing piece to current cultivation practices by giving the plants the essential resources to reach their FULL biological potential.


Why do you need it?

You would give your child just the basic vitamins? NO, you would give them the best nutrition possible to ensure their life long health — so why would you treat your cannabis any differently? By treating your plants with GrowFast you are providing them with the key essential minerals plants were biologically intended to receive, so that they can rapidly mature and develop. Growfast’s unique prehistoric mineral compound is the cornerstone to healthy, effective cultivation.

GrowFast Plant Nutrients

GrowFast is a collective of like minded individuals with the foundation for supplying medicinal cannabis farmers with rare and essential organic minerals to aide the cultivation of the highest quality medical cannabis.

Each of our team members brings a myriad of differing backgrounds of experience from Plant Cell Biotechnology to Business Development. With our combined knowledge we have created a force in the industry to bring you this incredible product to support the metabolic function of your cannabis plants.

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“GrowFast is a great, safe and versatile product that helps my plants to grow naturally versus pushing or stressing them. It supports the plant in way that allows them to do what they were naturally intended to do.”

John T.
8+ year Hydroponic Expert Cannabis Farmer featured on the cover of Nugshots Magazine

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